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iInventory Featured Application

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on November 4, 2008 by kilmersoftware

First off, I want to thank everyone for making this application a success. It is currently a featured application on iTunes. I would love to hear your feedback on iInventory. Please email me at Just a heads up on future updates. 


Version 1.2 – Currently in development. Release: Early December

-Allows multiple images 

-Build a list of your inventory items that have a specified characteristic. For example, all items across all categories that have a current location of the living room.

-Minor bug fixes


Version 1.3 – Pre-development. Release: Early January

-Allows exporting and importing from the Mac OS X version of iInventory. Currently this application is called KSInventory. (iInventory is already taken on the Mac platform)

Please email me with any suggestions for additional features. Depending on the demand and my knowledge, they could be added for version 1.2. I will be releasing a FAQ in the coming days to help with many common problems. As a note, I have had a report of crashing under very certain circumstances. I am investigating this issue and will release more information as I have it available. If you experience any crashing, please send me an email with the circumstances. I am trying to recreate the problem to come up with a solution. When a solution is available, an update will be submitted to fix the problem. I want to make sure that everyone has a good experience using this application. I will try to provide the best help that I can to fix any problem.


Thanks for your support!

Thomas Kilmer


GhostEX is Live!!

Posted in GhostEx with tags , , on September 6, 2008 by kilmersoftware
Are you ready for a scary new addition to the iPhone game library? Well this is not it, but if you ever dreamed of being a GhostBuster or a Ghost Hunter, then this is the game for you. Enjoy the creepy music, and the exciting gameplay. This game is far more addicting than your average Whack-A-Mole type game. This game will challenge you in many ways. Try hard everyday, to increase your high score. Hopefully, you will be able to improve.

As you prepare for Halloween, you should have a game that shows it. This is the perfect game to add to your iPhone library. If you like ghosts, try this game. Hit the red ghosts, and you will be rewarded, but hit the blue ghosts, and be punished. Everyone can enjoy this amazing ghost hunting game! Good Luck, and go whack those ghouls!


If you are interested in purchasing GhostEX, just go to and purchase. Afterwards, make sure you leave a positive review. With more purchases, it will be easier to continue to produce high-quality, low cost, apps.

Ghostex live friday

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on September 4, 2008 by kilmersoftware

This Friday, September 5th, Ghostex will be available for download. The price will be .99. Please do download, it will be fantastic.