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Thank your for your interest in purchasing or your purchase! This post will discuss a couple features of iInventory and suggestions. First, be sure to save your information every few entries. Some, not many iPhones, experience memory issues and can crash during normal operation. This will ensure data integrity. This usually occurs when using the camera. At this point, this is the only known issue, and a fix is on Apple’s side. 


If you have any comments, suggestions, or complaints, email me at tlkilmer@sbcglobal.net.


I am working on a MAC version that will allow you to view, import, and export your inventory. This may take a while, but please be patient. The MAC version will be free to those who purchased iInventory on the iPhone in the month of October and November. Look for the MAC version during the first part of next year.


Passwd Support

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For all of those that have issues with the font size and color, the update is coming. It should be available sometime next weekend. Hopefully by August 10th this will no longer be an issue. If anyone has suggestions on improving this application to be more useful contact tlkilmer@sbcglobal.net

GhostEX is Live!!

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Are you ready for a scary new addition to the iPhone game library? Well this is not it, but if you ever dreamed of being a GhostBuster or a Ghost Hunter, then this is the game for you. Enjoy the creepy music, and the exciting gameplay. This game is far more addicting than your average Whack-A-Mole type game. This game will challenge you in many ways. Try hard everyday, to increase your high score. Hopefully, you will be able to improve.

As you prepare for Halloween, you should have a game that shows it. This is the perfect game to add to your iPhone library. If you like ghosts, try this game. Hit the red ghosts, and you will be rewarded, but hit the blue ghosts, and be punished. Everyone can enjoy this amazing ghost hunting game! Good Luck, and go whack those ghouls!


If you are interested in purchasing GhostEX, just go to http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=289192489&mt=8 and purchase. Afterwards, make sure you leave a positive review. With more purchases, it will be easier to continue to produce high-quality, low cost, apps.

Ghostex live friday

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This Friday, September 5th, Ghostex will be available for download. The price will be .99. Please do download, it will be fantastic.

Project Castle Defense

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This is the new project for KilmerSoftware. This game is an RTS, where you must place your troops and weapons strategically to defend against the enemy invaders. It is being built using an advanced 2-D game engine. It will have smooth gameplay, that will challenge you intellectually, and keep you entertained. This is far more than all the previous games. Expect more information soon. A beta version will be available by the beginning of October. Anyone interested in beta testing this app, email tlkilmer@sbcglobal.net before September 25th.

GhostEX Approved!

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After about a week in review, GhostEX was approved. Every beta tester was quite pleased with the gameplay. It is by far, the best game, to date, from KilmerSoftware. This game has a release date of September 5th. It is guaranteed to be on the app store on that day. GhostEX has already been approved, but is pending until that date.


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This application has now hit the beta phase. For anyone interested in testing out this application, please email tlkilmer@sbcglobal.net. There is already a small group of beta testers that are all pleased with the outcome. Here is a screenshot. 


This is the design of the game board. Some improvements are to come.

This is the design of the game board. Some improvements are to come.