KSiInventory 1.1

The newest version of KSiInventory can be found at http://kilmersoftware.com/KSiInventory.zip

The newest version contains many new features. It has the ability to print with pictures included. It has the option to view a larger version of images. The images are now properly rotated, and if you do want to rotate the image, that option is now available. It also included an auto-update feature. This should have been originally included, but was not. With the newest version, it will now alert you if there is a more current version of KSiInventory. My new site is at http://www.kilmersoftware.com. There is a web designer that I have hired to work on it. What is currently available on the site is just a placeholder. He will have the full site finished and uploaded within the next month

Thomas Kilmer


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