iInventory update 11/23

Hi Everyone,

A quick update. iInventory update 1.1.2 is still pending. It has been pending for a week now. Apple has been busy with 2.2. They should have it approved shortly. On another note, update 1.2 is nearly completed for the iPhone. Beta testers are still looking for bugs, but I am certain it will be ready soon. Unfortunately, it will not contain additional photos at this time. This is the updated roster for 1.2:


-Search option: Examine an entire inventory and return a list of items that match a certain characteristic.

-Mobile Me back-up: With the use of a Mobile Me account, you can back-up your inventory and all the images to the Mobile Me servers. Protect your information against data loss.

-Mac OS X version. This will be available for free. Distribution has not been determined yet. It will probably contain unobtrusive advertisements. These ads will hopefully cover the development costs. 

-A few other basic features may be added to improve the interface. 


At this time, multiple images cannot be added due to memory usage. Some users have noticed crashing when using the camera more than 5 times. The current update fixes this issue and the issue where it will crash when you view too many items. Currently, Mobile Me back-ups only support a 10 mb or less inventory. Two images will drastically reduce the size of an inventory if it is to be synced with Mobile Me. I will post more information as it becomes available.


If you have enjoyed the use of this application, please email me at tlkilmer@sbcglobal.net and let me know. If you have any comments, questions, or complaints, please email me at the same email address. I will try to help you to the best of my ability. I will post the other basic features as they become implemented.


Thomas Kilmer


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