I am making some last minute adjustments to the final version of StudyCards today. It should be submitted for review by Thursday night. The first version will include access to 10 decks of cards. The user will be able to have fifty cards per deck. The quiz mode allows for random and sequential order. The user can mark each card as “know” or “don’t know” to be brought back to the question later. It is quite easy to input information on all the cards. Customer before October will be allowed to download the Mac OS X version for free. It will allow you to have very similar features for your desktop or laptop. The ability to import cards onto the iPhone will be featured. For everyone else, the cost of this app will be $4.99. Look for the Mac OS X version by the end of October. The iPhone app, StudyCards, will be available for $2.99, which is lower than similar apps with less features.


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